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1. Communications Assessment and Plan


Nonprofits often come into existence in a rush. With limited resources, an executive director will pull together a mission and fly with it. Often staff is borrowed from a parent organization where time, money and expertise are limited. Communications and branding arise from the available hours and skills of staff on hand. Sometimes this can get an organization up and running, but it is rarely sustainable.

During the assessment, we take the time to look at how you currently communicate, both internally and externally. We assess the language you use as well as the pixels and paper you distribute. The purpose of the assessment is to make sure your staff, board and public are all on the same page about who you are and what you do. This process is a lot like having a professional organizer come into your home and tell you to make two piles: one to keep and one to toss. Our goal is to make sure that all of your communications (your website, blog, printed material, logo, mission, photography and social network) are meeting a measurable goal in a cool and compelling way.


Now that your mission is clear to everyone involved and you know what to keep and toss, it’s time to plan. If you have an annual fundraiser, what can you do to maximize its effectiveness? What can you do to make your website work harder for you? How will you reach the people who will support you? How will you reach the people who need your services? Putting brainpower into planning makes you prepared and proactive in your marketing.

2. Execution

Step 1 will provide you with a cool, crystal-clear communications assessment and a plan. You can choose to go your own way, or hire Artifex to take the plan and execute it. Our trusted network of professionals is happy to get busy and provide you an efficient system of tools to deploy — a one-stop shop for as much as (but never more than) you need.

3. Evaluation

We delve into the numbers and see what's working and what's not. We will review and refine, making sure you use every opportunity you can to effectively spread your message.

You know you're a good parent if your kid leaves home at 18 and only comes back for the occasional hot meal and free laundry. We've done our job if you're buzzing along and only need us when something new comes up. We aim for relationships, but not the dysfunctional kind. After working together with Artifex, you leave us with a clear, refined identity and the tools to organize and achieve your mission.

A Note on Cost

Because each organization requires a different scope of work, we provide a custom service that’s unique for every client. And whether the job’s large or small, we make sure pricing is up front and transparent. There are no surprises. Once your communications plan is up and running, you can manage it solo or take advantage of our monthly maintenance plans for producing regular media updates.

We believe nonprofits need to be perceived as a good investment in order to thrive, and that public perception hinges on consistent, clean communications and messaging.

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